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Global Six Communications, Inc. (Global Six) is a data-intelligence, content-management, company that is focused on technology innovation in the areas of mobile computing and big data.  We have developed a data-intelligence infrastructure (availability of on-demand IT) that’s tightly couples next generation analytics and mobile technologies to deliver a data-driven user experience for real-time, remote access to enterprise-owned data and content; delivering this information to the hands of our users.  We’ve currently developed a Medical Information Management System (MIMS) that uses secured, wireless technologies to merge mobile-health (mhealth) capabilities and telemedine technologies.  MIMS facilitates, in real-time, the bi-directional exchange of various types of medical information and clinical data, while seamlessly merging information visualization, clinical data management, and medical data informatics to allow correlated, patient data and medical-grade, high-definition video, as well as voice and text messaging, to be transmitted to any remote location for real-time examinations and/or observations.  MIMS allows physicians to have real-time access to patients in remote, rural communities or to soldiers on the battlefield.At the heart of our MIMS solution, is a mobile application that manages medical content.  Its primary function is to seamlesslyintegrate and correlate various types of patient information and clinical data such that healthcare professionals gets a 360° view of the patient’s health transmitted to their palms regardless of their location.MIMS uses mobile-wireless devices to deliver real-time medical information to the palms of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals and is being offered to the medical community (the healthcare sector) as a subscription-based service.   Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), subscription-based model allows physicians to use and to introduce, wireless technologies to theirpractices without a huge initial investment.


At Global Six, we believe that the kind of managed connectivity offered by MIMs, will be the technology enabler that will significantly increase the adoption of telemedicine services and increase the market up-take of electronic medical data within the practice-management and care-management industries.We realize the importance of providing a reliable source of critical and trusted medical information,and we will work hard to ensure and excellent user-experience for physicians using our MIMS product.Its portability and ease-of-use will encourage hospital administrators and physicians to purchase thecomprehensive solution and allow it to complement their existing enterprise-wide,electronic health record (EHR) deployment.

Our goal is to promote interoperability and collaboration amongst healthcare professionals and systems.We are working hard to align our service with what our customers value,setting a path of innovation and excellence.Our brand stands for real-time,anytime,reliable,accurate,intelligent medical data

Our mission is to deliver mobile-wireless, real-time, intelligent-data- solutions that seamlessly connects medical information and clinical data with physicians, medical care facilities and other healthcare professionals in both the domestic and international markets.Our network will preserve the privacy rights of patient data and adhere to strict security standards that ensure proper data access and delivery.Our commitment to healthcare professionals will be unparalleled.We will continue to work closely with them to coordinate industry standards into our application which will be essential for long-term interoperability within the healthcare industry.Innovation remains at the forefront of business strategy.Therefore,we continue to align our products and services with what our customers value, therefore, setting a path to value innovation.

We strongly adheres to the philosophy that our success resides in four core principles:our customers,our executive team, our employees,and our teaming partners.