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Mims>>Enterprise Mobile Strategy and App Development

At Global Six, we are inspired to extend our expertise in mobile computing and wireless technology across multiple industries, delivering to our clients, a best-in-breed solution for executing their mobile strategy and to realize the benefits of going mobile.  Our mobile solutions are always designed to equip them with the data-intelligence that is needed for their missions to succeed.  We focus our ENTERPRISE MOBILE STRATEGY AND APPS DEVELOPMENT services on delivering, real-time, intelligent-data and industry specific content, in a secured environment to help our clients have remote, anytime, and anywhere access to their enterprise-owned data to help them make data-driven decisions. By deploying our tightly integrated solution, (our intelligent-data infrastructure, and customized mobile application), rather than using a fix solution, our clients will distinguish their business from the completion, meet their operational and business goals and establish a solid foundation for the future.  The benefits of using our tightly integrated solution are:

  • Gain greater profitability and faster return on investment
  • Deliver a faster, more improved user experience
  • Seamless integration to enterprise-owned IT resources and faster implementation
  • Easy integration/adoption of next generation analytics

We work closely with our clients to design a user experience that meets their specific industry needs.  By starting with our secured intelligent-data broad cast service, text messaging, real time two way streaming video, location-based services and biometric input data can be seamlessly integrated to enhanced your mobile experience and real-time, data-driven decisions.  Our mobile enterprise strategies are engineered to promote collaboration across the entire enterprise by making your enterprise deployed content accessible in real time, while enabling virtual, observations when “seeing” immediately answers the toughest questions or allows for subject matter expertise to be readily available.  Our solutions are designed with one main purpose; to unlock the power that resides in your information, thus delivering measureable improvements to your organization and operations.  Our goal is to make remote-access of your most critical data, seamless from anywhere in the country and eventually, around the globe.