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MIMS functions as a dedicated, secured, medical “always-on secured  mobile environment” that provides connectivity between specialized medical resources and patients in remote locations.  The network will host various types of clinical data and medical information; delivering real-time information to the hands of medical professionals, anywhere and at anytime.  The secured MIMS environment is engineered to meet the dynamic needs of healthcare professionals to help them achieve greater efficiencies in operations, improve their capital expenses, and be more accountable to the healthcare system

 At the core of our MIMS service is a mobile application that manages medical content.  Its primary function is to deliver to healthcare professionals, in real-time various types of medical information and clinical data.  The mobile application is driven by our Intelligent-Data Broadcast Service software-client that provides a best-in-class interface to desperate and legacy healthcare networks for a bi-directional data exchange, data correlation and dissemination of real-time medical information.  Our IP-based solution resides on a single mobile platform; iPhone, iTouch, iPad  Mobile PCs and laptops. 

MIMS transforms how healthcare information is managed and utilized  to treat patients.  It improves patient diagnoses and the effectiveness and efficiencies of the full care-cycle;  thus, improving the overall, healthcare experience for the patient.  MIMS is designed to seamlessly stream IP-based data serving both the domestic and international markets.  It uses the commercial, cellular infrastructure and other wireless technologies, including Broadband Wi-Fi and commercial satellite communications to deliver intelligent, medical content.  MIMS is access-agnostic; providing complete transparency across multiple types of wireless networks, including Cellular, Broadband Wi-Fi and Satellite Communications.


MIMS is driven by an Intelligent-Data Broadcast Service (I-DBS) that provides a best-in-class interface to desperate and legacy healthcare networks for a bi-directional exchange of data, data correlation and dissemination of medical information and clinical data in real-time to include real-time streaming video is at the core of MIMS.  Our I-DBS is a Service Originated Architecture (SOA) and a software application that is component-based to enable easier and faster updates, adoption flexibility and integration of customer preferences or changes to medical processes or protocols.  These characteristics of our technology will allow Global Six to meet the expectations of our market and fulfill the needs of its customers.

Global Six takes medical information management to a new frontier as data privacy remains at the forefront of our application.  We realize that building trust in the medical community is essential to effectively exchange patient data and other medical information.  We utilize extremely reliable security measures within our mobile devices, software application and network, as well as extensive security policies and network governance procedures to protect all transmitted data and authentication protocols to validate all users.  MIMS exceeds security measures required by HIPA.Our security defenses include:


Encryption of data, using a smart-hardware, encryption engine.  This technique will enables the encryption process to take place as the data is being written to the hard drive, versus being software based, which consumes processor resources. 


Protocols to authenticate both ends of the transmission --granting access only to known users.  These measures ensures that our system is in-line with the guidelines set forth by HIPA. 


Disablement the mobile devices and destruction all of its content.  This extreme measure occurs only if a physician reports a lost or stolen mobile device. .