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MIMS functions as a dedicated, secured, medical “network” that provides connectivity between specialized medical resources and patients in remote locations. The network will host various types of clinical data and medical information; delivering real-time information to the hands of medical professionals, anywhere and at anytime. The secured MIMS network is engineered to meet the dynamic needs of healthcare professionals to help them achieve greater efficiencies in operations, improve their capital expenses, and be more accountable to the healthcare system.

MIMS is designed to seamlessly stream IP-based data serving both the domestic and international markets. It uses the commercial, cellular infrastructure and other wireless technologies, including Broadband Wi-Fi and commercial satellite communications to deliver intelligent, medical content. MIMS is access-agnostic; providing complete transparency across multiple types of wireless networks, including Cellular, Broadband Wi-Fi and Satellite Communications. MIMS also uses an internet interface that delivers the same user-experience as the mobile platforms.